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SalsaPower - The largest international salsa website on the internet and your best source of information regarding Cuban Casino-style salsa, dance and music, around the world! Up-to-date club and instructor lists, SalsaCities, events, CD and Concert Reviews, Tour Schedules, Exclusive Interviews, Editorials and much more!

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Absolute Salsa Dance Studios

Private Cuban style salsa classes in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area.
Also an extensive list of turn descriptions in English, Spanish and Italian

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The Story of the Grizzly Bear's Eyelash
an Original Short Story by Jacira Castro (Paolino)
Winner of the Silver Prize in the XXIV National Italian Competition
50 & Più
in the Prose category
September 17-24, 2006 in Levico Terme - Trentino, Italy
(PDF format)

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La Storia della Ciglia dell'Orso Grizzly
Una storia originale di Jacira Castro (Paolino)
Farfalla d'Argento del XXIV Concorso Nazionale
50 & Più
17-24 settembre 2006
Premio città di Levico Terme - Trentino, Italia

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